WEBER offers high-quality sprockets for all chain types as well as individual application-specific sprockets in proven WEBER quality for individual drive solutions.

WEBER Kettenräder

Sprocket manufacturing

WEBER produces sprockets for roller chains according to DIN 8187 on conventional gear hobbing machines from Pfauter, Lorenz, Köpfer, Staehely, Mikron and Modul.

Possible part specification

  • Pitch 4 mm to pitch 2“
  • Diameter range from 10 mm to 1250 mm
  • Material according to requirement
  • Heat treatment according to customer requirements
  • Surface treatment according to customer requirements
  • Block wheels up to 1“ pitch
WEBER Kettenräder

Sprocket, sprocket disc or special sprocket

WEBER develops and manufactures a wide variety of tooth shapes: standard toothing, special toothing and special conveyor chain toothing. Of course, almost all raw materials are possible, for example stainless steel sprockets. Additional hardening is also possible – always with the highest precision and in proven WEBER quality.

  • Sprockets with or without hub
  • Double sprockets
  • Ready-to-install sprockets
  • Sprocket discs without hub
  • Chain tensioning wheels
  • Sprockets for hollow pin chains
  • Sprockets for roller chains
  • Sprockets for accumulation chains
  • Sprockets with hardened teeth
  • Taperlock sprockets
  • Special sprockets
Sonderanfertigung von Kettenrädern

Special sprockets

WEBER manufactures sprockets individually designed according to customer specifications. Geometry as well as raw material can be adapted to custom requirements.

Numerous special tools are available for production.

  • Pinion toothing 1⁄2“ to 1“
  • for long link chain DIN 8181
  • for socket chain DIN 8164
  • for gall chain DIN 8150
  • for hollow pin chain DIN 8168
  • for solid pin chain DIN 8153
  • for flat top chain DIN 8153
  • for ASA roller chain DIN 8188
  +49 7266 91470
made in Germany

Data & Facts

Parts per year
+100 Mio
ISO 9001:2015

Long live


WEBER sprockets impress with a high-precision coordination between chain and sprocket – the result: a significantly longer service life.

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