Bevel gears

WEBER bevel gears convince with a high-performance transmission of torque and rotary movement at an angle – of course with equal and unequal bevel gear pairing.

Kegelzahnräder von WEBER

Bevel gear manufacturing

WEBER manufactures straight, curved and spiral bevel gears in almost all desired qualities and designs. In addition, special designs are possible in all materials, such as non-ferrous metals, VA and plastics – of course with and without heat or surface treatment.

Possible part specification

  • Module 1 to 6
  • Diameter range up to 250 mm
  • all common materials
  • Heat and surface treatment according to customer requirements
Kegelzahnräder von WEBER

Bevel gears for high-performance drives

WEBER develops and manufactures bevel gears for a wide variety of applications – especially in the area of high-performance drives, the quality of WEBER bevel gears is in demand.

Precision. Quality. Lifespan.

In gearboxes, bevel gears are subjected to the highest loads and extreme conditions. This is exactly where the quality bevel gears from WEBER impress – they enable slip-free power transmission between the two drive shafts. Precision, quality and service life are top priorities at WEBER.

Kegelzahnräder von WEBER

Individual custom-made bevel gears

In addition to standard bevel gears, WEBER also produces bevel gears that are individually designed according to customer specifications. Geometry and surface finishing can be individually adjusted.

Regardless of whether it is a unique prototype, small series or large quantities – WEBER develops and manufactures customer-specific bevel gears individually based on models or drawings.

  • all common materials possible: case hardening, nitriding and tempering steels, cast iron, plastics, stainless steels
  • possible millings: straight, sloping and spiral
  • Case hardening, nitriding, induction hardening and tempering
  • from lot size 1 to +10,000
  +49 7266 91470
made in Germany

Data & Facts

Parts per year
+100 Mio
ISO 9001:2015

high performance

Bevel gears

WEBER is one of the leading manufacturers of bevel gears. High-performance gear wheels made of virtually all materials such as non-ferrous metal, VA or plastic.

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