Spline shafts

WEBER offers high-performance precision spline shafts as well as profile shafts for the optimal transmission of large changing torques.

WEBER Keilwellen

Spline shafts and profile shafts

Spline and profile shafts from WEBER are particularly in demand in industries with the highest requirements in terms of reduced tolerances, such as in electric motors or gears with minimal wear loss. We manufacture spline shafts in standard DIN standards on long thread milling machines as well as special shafts on request with specific requirements in relation to, for example, changing torques and abrupt operation.

Product range

  • Spline shafts
  • Splines
  • Gear shafts
  • Sprocket profiles
  • Timing belt profiles
  • Custom made applications
WEBER Keilwellen

Spline and profile shafts according to DIN standards

On Heckert long thread milling machines, WEBER manufactures spline shafts and profile shafts in all common profiles, such as:

  • Spline profiles according to DIN 5463 and DIN 5472
  • Spline profiles according to DIN 5480 and DIN 5482
  • Serration according to DIN 5481

This also applies to all smaller sprocket profiles, toothed belt profiles and gear shafts up to module 5.

WEBER Keilwellen

Custom spline shafts and profile shafts

WEBER is more than a standard parts supplier. WEBER manufactures spline shafts and profile shafts individually designed according to customer specifications. Geometry as well as raw material can be tailor made.

Possible gears

  • Standard gears
  • Special gears
  • Crowned teeth
  • Ball gears
  • Graduated gears
  • Arrow gears with insertion
  • Conical gears

Possible lot sizes

  • Single part, sample, prototype
  • Small series
  • Large series

Possible finishing

  • tempered
  • case hardened
  • nitrided
  • induction hardened
  • vacuum hardened
  • manganese phosphated
  • special surface treatments
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Data & Facts

Parts per year
+100 Mio
ISO 9001:2015

high precision

Spline shafts

WEBER spline shafts are ideally suited for the transmission of large, changing torques.

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