Gear Comonents for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering

High-precision, robust gear components, developed and manufactured for reliable use in the field of mechanical and plant engineering.

Zahnradkomponenten für den Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Unconditional functional reliability

The requirements in machine and plant engineering are clearly defined: Reduction of production costs and increase in economy while at the same time maximization of precision and an increase in repeatability and acceleration as well as productivity. For these requirements, WEBER manufactures high-precision, high-performance gear components with large torque spectra and durability.

Our robust gear components ensure their functional reliability for a long time. The powerful gear wheels from WEBER easily withstand mechanical, physical and thermal loads.

Application examples in the field of mechanical and plant engineering

  • Low backlash gear components for complex planetary gears
  • Energy efficient gear racks
  • Gears for customized servo gearboxes
  • Spline shafts according to customer requirements
  • ...
Zahnradkomponenten für den Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

heavy duty – economical – Long service life time

Our customers benefit from heavy-duty precision gears with maximum service life time and economical investment costs.

Our variable manufacturing process and flexible production planning enable a wide range of gear products in the field of mechanical and plant engineering – regardless of lot sizes and delivery times.

Gear applications for

Mechanical and plant engineering

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