Precision Diversity Quality Prototyping Series-Production

    Core competencies

  • The high art of precision

    Since its foundation, WEBER has perfected the manufacturing of high-precision gears. Among other industry sectors, WEBER produces gears for the automotive industry, medical technology and robotics – industrial sectors that require the highest demands on precision and surface quality.

    Precise. More precise. WEBER

  • Diversity

    Standard steel, special steel, non-ferrous metal, plastic, induction hardened, vacuum hardened, nitrided, grounded, not grounded, ... prototypes, unique pieces, small lot size or large series production – everything is possible.

    Everything is possible

  • Quality

    For us, quality means: First-class tools, clean contact surfaces, minimal concentricity errors on the tool and workpiece, stable clamping, precise and stable machines. In addition, we use the latest test methods, such as automated testing processes using sensitive coordinate measuring systems. The production is continuously monitored and optimized if improvement is possible. Our quality management is exemplary and guarantees continuous quality – part by part.

    100% perfection

  • Efficient series production

    The goal of our series production of high-precision gear wheels: To significantly increase our competitiveness compared to solely price-optimized products from Far East. We offer our customers an optimal price/performance ratio. To do this, we focus on higher cutting speeds and thus shorten production times while maintaining the highest quality. At the same time, we are increasing our productivity and profitability – a production cost advantage that our customers benefit from and that enables us to continue to develop and invest in the future.

    Lot sizes 1 to 10.000+

  • Industrial Prototyping

    Whether design, geometry or functional prototype – WEBER manufactures prototypes for testing in every development stage of new drive concepts – of course in-house. This way, development times can be significantly reduced. 5-axis milling machines are available for the production of prototypes.

    Design. Geometry. Function.