WEBER Gearing Technology

Gears & gear racks for the precision industry

Made in Germany         Just-in-time         fair priced

WEBER GEARING TECHNOLOGY specializes in the development and manufacturing of gear wheels, sprockets, bevel gears, gear racks, toothed belt wheels and spline shafts with high technical requirements. Our customers appreciate our quality, our excellent price / performance ratio and our reliability in terms of delivery dates – for now over 60 years.


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Indusry sectors and applications

  • Automotive industry

    JIT series production

  • Mechanical engineering

    From prototype to serial production

  • Medical technology

    High precision gear components

  • Robotics

    Precision for automations

We at WEBER Gearing Technology think from the customer's point of view - our deep individual industry sector knowledge is simply a result of a high level of customer proximity. We know the industry-specific requirements. This is why WEBER products are particularly in demand in the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, medical as well as robotics and automation sectors.